Museum of Unspeakable Terrors

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A world for Katelabs (make sure you have the latest version so you can see textures)

Made over about 1 day, a Museum full of terrifying things! Well.... Not THAT terrifying. Maybe some of it is a bit spooky, though.

There's a Ghost Train, and a couple of side rooms. There's a lot to explore and some things to interact with. Possibly the biggest Katelabs world to date(?) Definitley the biggest I've made, anyway. Also a really good showcase for some of the things it can do.

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sorry i havent played yet im

sorry i havent played yet im busy busy busy but the screenshot reminds me of this roblox series of "obbys" obstacle courses called food orb and theyre always more detailed then the other ones i used to play

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Wow, this was such a great world! I loved the little dioramas and the ghost train was amazing, some very cool effects like the transitions and the spinning planets! I had to laugh out loud at that skull in front of the laundromat. :>
Lovely museum, would get spooked again!

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I'm glad you enjoyed being

I'm glad you enjoyed being spooked!

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the dioramas are so cool! i

the dioramas are so cool! i will definitely steal that idea for my next world >:)

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you can steal it. it's the

you can steal it! it's the main reason I made the shrinking mechanic, to encourage people to build worlds-within worlds and think about scale. I hope people remembered to shrink down and go inside them.

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Fun :)

This is the first world I've explored in Katelabs.

I love the themes and creations. Detail levels were neat. I get the slight impression that this world has secrets, but I'm yet to find them.

The scariest moment was when I realised my character fit right into the world's theme. WHERE HAS MY FACE GONE. That grin is so maniacal I love it :D This avatar beats the socks off many games.

The subtle theming of the "grass" in the different areas (including the sand hands) is a nice touch. I always shrink back in horror when thinking about how to implement nice looking grass, this sidesteps it in a clever way.

The poor pumpkin in one of the dioramas has a bad eye. I thought it was a baseball at first xD nope turns out it's just backwards. I guess that way it truly is watching me wherever I am.

I enjoyed the shrinking mechanic to explore the dioramas. I've been thinking about games that allow you to change scale recently, it's a mechanic that's not often explored. Your engine supports teleporters but I like to think of this shrinking mechanic as a parallel. It's more more of a world/physics-intrinsic version of a teleporter (rather than arbitrary magic location editing) that lets you see an overview of where you are going before you get there and does it nice and smoothly.

Spooky ride was an interesting showcase of different engine features. Overlapping image projectors are not something I see every day. A little bit slow, however.

World was very laggy unless I hit "stop object movements" (but that defeats the fun). Not sure if this is the same for everyone else or not. I'm running on Linux (as per instructions in this topic) with a 2014-era processor (i5-3470S). It looks like a CPU bottleneck. I presume "objects movement" really also includes lots of arbitrary scripts running on many objects per frame. Or perhaps there some big index/vis/etc reconstruction happening whenever objects move? Not sure.

Very disappointed that I couldn't buy anything at the gift store. Sanchez needs to be fired.

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thanks for the in-depth play

thanks for the in-depth play and analysis! to answer a few of your questions: there's a lot of processes on objects (including some nested loops sometimes, annoyingly) and that's usually not a huge problem- what usually is a problem is being in edit mode instead of play mode. it's just way slower for various reasons, so if that wasn't the case, you can see if that helps

the other thing that usually slows it down is lots of clouds, but this world should have 0.

thanks for noticing the details, too, like the grass!

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> what usually is a problem

> what usually is a problem is being in edit mode instead of play mode. it's just way slower for various reasons, so if that wasn't the case, you can see if that helps

This seems to help, but this particular level seems to have a low FPS in general.

> (including some nested loops sometimes, annoyingly)

As in high-cost loop-through-every-level object style searches? Hmm, now I'm trying to think of which kl object functions would need that. Collision detection maybe (as usually only the player moves)?