Museum of Unspeakable Terrors

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A world for Katelabs (make sure you have the latest version so you can see textures)

Made over about 1 day, a Museum full of terrifying things! Well.... Not THAT terrifying. Maybe some of it is a bit spooky, though.

There's a Ghost Train, and a couple of side rooms. There's a lot to explore and some things to interact with. Possibly the biggest Katelabs world to date(?) Definitley the biggest I've made, anyway. Also a really good showcase for some of the things it can do.

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sorry i havent played yet im

sorry i havent played yet im busy busy busy but the screenshot reminds me of this roblox series of "obbys" obstacle courses called food orb and theyre always more detailed then the other ones i used to play

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Wow, this was such a great world! I loved the little dioramas and the ghost train was amazing, some very cool effects like the transitions and the spinning planets! I had to laugh out loud at that skull in front of the laundromat. :>
Lovely museum, would get spooked again!