Hands (for katelabs)

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Just yesterday i stumbled upon the trainwrecks. Seems an interesting place, havent explored much yet though.

Here is a super janky map with some hands. Can you reach the goal?

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I like this world, I like

I like this world, I like how the central part of it looks really cool and complex from various angles, making for pretty screenshots

I also like that it's on a big hand. I was unable to find any "goal", mind, unless it's that treasure chest off in the distance

Hey katey,sorry for the

Hey katey,sorry for the delayed reply and thank you for checking the map out. I really really admire what you've made and I realized the potential of your editor only after i'd created most of the level i had in mind. I only played with the very basic features and definately didnt use it at its full potential. Nevertheless even the few features I used pushed me to think of something interesting.
It surprises me and im glad to hear, that u were unable to find a goal!!
I intentionally did not put any clear goal and also intentionally hinted that the object with a form of a treasure chest might be the goal. In our game experianced minds treasure chests always feel like a reward or goal i think so thats why i used that object. Thing is , if you set the treasure chest as your goal, it is quite very unreachable, and you will fail getting to it. But say your goal was to get on the faucet island or the highest point you CAN reach. Then the goal is possible.
It was inspired by thoughts i had and translated into a silly interractive hand world hahaha oops