Devourer: The Minigames

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"Dev" is back, after the success of the three minigames she programmed in "Last GOTY 2020", with 12 whole new ones! What secrets and delights are inside?

All games run through the same .exe (through some miracle!)

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Love this so much!! So many

Love this so much!! So many cool and fun ideas in here. The facemaker alone is just, super fun to play around with(and really addictive)! I absolutely love that last spooky untitled game, great spooky vibes and such a neat effect! Never seen anything like that before. Nanaca is also really addictive for something so simple and like, random. My best score so far was 80,000 something? Can't remember the exact number.
Haven't played all of them yet, kinda been wanting to save some of them so I still have something fun to discover. Will comment again once I've played them all.

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This was a lot of fun to

This was a lot of fun to play! I don't know why but I really like the screen transition animation with the curtain, so juicy!
I think my favorite is the FaceMaker or maybe the untitled RPG? Spooked! was also really cool but also scary.
I also played a lot of Nanaca and the matching game. My best distance in Nanaca is 53452 cm, I think I got lucky because usually I get stopped almost immediately?
Attached is my orksona I made in FaceMaker, really liked the choices there!

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I had fun with all of the

I had fun with all of the games, but in particular I spent a lot of time on the RPG and the match two game. I've only just now toyed with the face maker and I'm very impressed by the variety of options. I'm not a big dress-up games player (for lack of a better description) and it's been a long time since I've used a character creator so I'm not sure what type of choices are typically offered these days, but I've never seen a hijab option or the option for a hearing aid before and I thought that was very cool. "Spooked" was very well done and without giving away any spoilers I will say it lived up to its title for me. The walk through the mysterious forest is also cool and makes me want for a cartoonish version of an old tank controls Resident Evil game since the perspective slightly reminds me of that. And as usual great use of music and sound effects.