Cheeps (demo)

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well this even didn't quite work out .. but I didn't wanted everything to be lost
biggest problem for this game was that I never figured out a goal for the cheeps to do
and it just doesn't really worked as a sandbox either.. I guess it works as weird techdemo

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I like the little unfinished

I like the little unfinished details like the "F" tiling on the floor, and I think it feels good to collect Cheeps even though there is no goal. once I had them all, mind, I did just wander aimlessly

I'm impressed by the way the terrain goes on forever, presumably filling itself in whenever I drag offscreen? that's fun and an impressive piece of showing off

also I like eating the pumpkins and how they eat faster the more of them there are. I also noticed the right mouse button appears to throw them? it's also fun to see them go flying and have to pick them up again. reminds me of wonderful 101 in that regard

the terrain is quite simple

the terrain is quite simple actually, it's just uses a bitwise-and trick
and for the other objects the coordinates just wrap around:

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the core is really

the core is really satisfying here. the cheeps are cute and they make fun sounds, they're fun to collect and I like watching them eat the pumpkins. getting a lot of cheeps in a clump and then watching them all explode everywhere from being smooshed by an orb is really cute and entertaining too. a sandbox pikmin game sounds like something that would totally work- maybe survival-y mechanics, or if you wanted it more arcadey then slowly add more and more dangerous obstacles.