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Merry Klikmas, Alchiggins! This is a gift for you!

You are Axelia, banished heir to the noble von Lesbe family. Explore a vast, post-apocalyptic desert wasteland with your mech and shoot up a bunch of war machines to rescue your crush from the clutches of an evil cult. Featuring open-world gameplay, feminist political machinations, a bizarre amount of incomprehensible lore, and lots of explosions. I was only able to fit in a couple Digimon, but they do form the basis for the religious system used in the world so hopefully that makes up for it.


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Oh my GOD I love this so much. Stomping down the Taichi corridor to the sound of heavy guitar, guns blazing, to save my crush from a Myotismon cult was a blast.

The soundtrack is perfect! Great art style. Great writing! The writing, music, and lore all worked together to make something that was tongue-in-cheek, but felt earnest.

The spinning labyrinth was really cool! Probably my favorite part of the map. But I like how each territory has its own identity.

I think this is literally the only game ever where I've enjoyed reading the lore pages. I spit food out of my mouth as I was reading the transcript of the presentation of the trading cards. I legitimately wish there were more stories in this setting. I want to make stories in this setting.

This is such a cool game. I can't thank you enough!

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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the kind words — I'm really happy that you enjoyed it! If you want to tell another story in this world, go for it, I don't own the rights to most of it anyway haha

this was fun, i liked the

this was fun, i liked the scratchy black and white images that almost look screen-printed or something

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I liked this, I like the way

I liked this, I like the way the world feels like a bunch of junk thrown together, and the way it makes the world feel big and irregularly shaped. and I too love the rotating maze especially

this does a lot with a little as well. I felt really involved in the world even though there's barely any animation, and I like the sprites. I like how there's a lot to this world

also just well done on the mechanics in general. feels good to shoot, feels good to read text, feels good to blow things up