Invertebrate Apartment and the Sword of Lamellipodia (for Bpseudopod)

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X At least one invertebrate
X Fire as a decoration
^ (half X) Swords being used for things swords aren't usually used for
X Some ascii art in the readme file maybe?
X Low hardware requirements, please

Code and README (sorta)

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This game rules!

I really enjoyed the action involved in the nonviolent approach to spider management. Climbing up and down ropes while honking at spiders was really enjoyable, and I really liked the extra floor-is-lava challenge the supers added in the later levels.

Technically speaking, everything in a Puzzlescript game is made out of ASCII art, so I would have accepted it either way. But you actually commenting the Puzzlescript code and putting bugs and stuff in it made me very happy.

I honestly could not have hoped for a better gift. Thank you so much!

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Yo! That's great to hear! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! It was fun to make and there were lots of stops and starts along the way as I re-jiggered things until I got to something that worked! Thanks for the kind words.

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I enjoyed this a lot! The

I enjoyed this a lot! The honking, spitting, and bugs were a novel set of mechanics that worked really well together.