He did the Monster Mash

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Give the racing game the run-around and put Freestyle Box Wasteland back on the shelf, it's monster time!

Attached is a test version of the fourth idea I had that I am going to be working into an actual game, the third one was going to be a Chu Chu Rocket clone only it was going to be Cock Cock Rocker where you had to guide the rockers into the limos and turn away the screaming fans away but I only could go far as having a single rocker turn ninety degrees when hitting a wall (by, cleverly, changing the angle, which is a device that I should use in more games) as I don't think it's possible to take it further than that or at least my skill level.

See, I want to make a game that could be fun in both single and multiplayer (single player in Cock Cock Rocker would just be a puzzle mode as there is no way I would be able to do multiple AIs using such a basic Klikteam product. Maybe in Multimedia Fusion but not this) and the whole players managing a group of NPCs seemed like a good idea for fast action and laffery so I took the 'herding' mechanism of Chu Chu Rocket and changed it to something that was more direct and that evolved into what we have here. The next step will be either be making the game about herding small objects or eating the most small objects before the timer runs out.

Or maybe just giant Dracula versus giant Wolfman battling whilst small objects run away only to be crushed underfoot whilst you toss buildings and cars at each other until there's only one monster left. That's pretty rhinoceros innit.

That will be the plan for Monster Mash - Gigantic Creature Feature Throwdown.

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Moving up to the Games

Moving up to the Games Factory, I see? Might want to start including cncs32.dll in your zips.

It's a pretty neat effect! I love the idea of using it in the background to make the actual battle feel that much more epic. The more I think about it, the more I think that would be much cooler than actually basing a game around herding things.

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Yeah, I'll have to start

Yeah, I'll have to start adding cncs32.dll in my zips.

I've started on proper sprites now ignoring the fact that I haven't started on the building destroying mechanism yet. I'm also thinking of adding secret bonuses in different parts of the stage, kind of like Star Soldier but more like what Capcom did in Varth as the bonuses will be sprites taken from my other games. Or I could scrap that plan and just have rhinos with different hats.

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The current game reminds me

The current game reminds me a bit of degenatron

Male: The Degenatron, you can play video games just like you are in the arcade!
Kids: Excellent!
Male: The degenatron gaming system plays three exciting games including Defender of the Faith where you save the green dots with your fantastic flying red square.
Boys: Cool
Male: Monkey's Paradise where you swing from green dot to green dot with your red square monkey.
Boys: That's rad!
Speaker: And Penatrator where you smash the green dots deep inside the mysterious red square.
Boys: WOW!

The future plans reminds me a bit of Earth Defense Force 2017. (I dunno if that name came up in the "B-games competition", but it certainly would have deserved to!) Seeing the hoardes of giant ants crawl around, then up and over, the buildings was really striking.

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Degenatron KotMK

Degenatron KotMK now!

Seeing the ants in EDF 2017 swarm over absolutely everything was what made me hit YouTube to see more of the game but what really sold me was the mission with the two Mutant Godzillasauri.

Rockstar apparently reads

Rockstar apparently read your post, went back in time and retroactively beat you to the punch.

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?? That's the same thing I

?? That's the same thing I linked to isn't it?

Sorry, I didn't notice that

Sorry, I didn't notice that that's what you linked to. I feel dumb.