Corporate Sausage Simulation

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Play online. (taste may differ slightly from downloadable.)

Intrigue! Rolling! Floors!

This is a game about despair.


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this game is horrifying. the

this game is horrifying. the music makes me scared. my sausage know nothing to do beside flee and fall.................. say the sausage chant with me SAWDSAWDSAWD.

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This is seriously terrifying. It's really interesting how the rolling camera combines with the black and white tiled floor to make something akin to the quick cuts you might see in a horror film.

(Is the window in the upper right in the final game? It was just a black square when I played it.)

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It's strange -- it works

It's strange -- it works fine in the downloadable, but the web version doesn't seem to render that view.

(Incidentally, it was originally supposed to be a view of the dude at the table, watching you on his screen, but of course render-to-texture doesn't work in the free version of Unity, and it was getting contrived to line up one camera such that the mini-view showed up right.)

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It's really something.

This is by far the most horrifying free jazz experiment I've ever seen. It's really something, though I usually get confused and end up stuck rolling up against a wall.