Earth Defense Force 1817

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So my comment on Pizza Time's Monster Mash ideas and my love of Earth Defense Force 2017 has led me to


A KNP effort. The game play lacks that certain something, but it has some elements I dig:
* Robotron style controls
* Looming Alien Ships with Shadows
* Bugs who track you down but have to move around the buildings

I think some of these elements could be used in future games.

In the unlikely chance I can't make it to the KotM I'd like this to count as my entry...

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sigh, no love for

sigh, no love for EDF1817.

Was the Robotron style controls clever, or has it been done?

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I think the closest we've

I think the closest we've come to KnP Robotron controls thus far was BRAINSSS.

I think the technical elements are pretty solid; it's just like you said, the game itself isn't making you do very much that's interesting. It needs that extra leap from "There are things; I want to shoot them" to "There are things; I want to shoot them but I also want to do something else which interferes with my ability to shoot them." Like if the cabins blew up or something, I don't know.

I really like the sparse Atari aesthetic of your game over screens, Kirk.

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Heh, thanks for replying to

Heh, thanks for replying to my blatant and pathetic trolling for feedback.

You're probably right, while I dig the way the insects look, and the control scheme, it lacks a certain something. Like, Robotron say had humans and more creature types, that would be a start.

In KNP, can you have 2 items that look the same but are different actors?

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Yep! To clone something,

Yep! To clone something, just right-click on the existing object and pick New Level Object > Active.