Review a Game: The Movie: The Game

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made early cause i have things to do to-night

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Edit: Fixed review

Now, how did we score it? Perfection, dude! Yeeaaah! The Recolored Jogger is awesome and the multi-scrolling Active Object overuse sizzles! Now, the sound is totally and completely "shit, shit shit, shit shit shit, shit shit"! You want challenge? You got it, bud, because every inch of this five-second game is a fight for your life! Now, is it fun? Well, for my money, Review a Game: The Movie: The Game's rock'em, sock'em documentary action is as good as it gets!

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Requesting source of the

Requesting source of the game review soundbyte at the end.

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It is from ... (drum roll)


Review start: 8:20

That specific sound byte: 9:38

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Tempted to register

Tempted to register @gameprotv on twitter to post things like "Shatterhand gives a nasty new meaning to the idea of being punched in the face" and try and get @igndotcom to retweet me.

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Executable poetry.

Executable poetry.

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Loved the game within a game

Loved the game within a game (i.e. Haespleurado)! Truly "as good as it gets".

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as an honest-to-allah

as an honest-to-allah journal-matician, i decree this to be the most exacting and wonderful implementation of game journalists in a game ever. five gamepro-tweaked-out-heads out of four.

I don't know what I ran into

But I thought it was really cool. The animation, the race car movement, and the cartridge choosing, everything about it reeked interactivity and possibly originality, I don't know, I'm not too original today but I might be tomorrow and you can too. Definitely worth a look Thanks for teaching us a lot of things.