Dragon Ballas

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dragonballas best on teh fomos anime shows

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An event


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...I've played this before!

...I've played this before! Something like, four years ago?

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shhhh! be quite yeh I

shhhh! be quite

yeh I cheated. boo stone me. I was working on something and then I was just too tired and didn't get it done at all so I was like OH FUCK IT this is also great and I just submitted this piece of crap I've made in like 2 hours in 2006 haha so yeh its very old and i only have the exe of it so I am sorry but come on as long as it's fun I hope it will do the job. see im totally apologizing here about my lazyness cause you give me a bad feeling.

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Why was it first made again?

Why was it first made again? I vaguely recall a terrible games competition at TDC, or something like that... is that right?

This game can't possibly

This game can't possibly exist, bahaha. Laughed my ass off, good job!

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do you remember the brown

do you remember the brown bear? ive ripped it out of some game some n00b made on clickzone.