YeargH 3D!

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Hello this is a klik raycasting FPS with one level.

I was gonna add exploding barrels and grenades and a cowboy enemy type but I ran out of time what with all the bugfixing to be done.

It's capped at 15fps. Deal with it (my laptop barely can).

Controls are WASD, shift to sprint, 1/2/3 to switch weapons, leftklik to fire, esc to quit, E to open doors and secret walls. Find the magical door thing to exit the level.

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This is super impressive. I

This is super impressive.

I couldn't find the third key, and things looked so curvy that I had to give my eyes a rest for a while. I'll try again later.

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Beaten! How many secret

Beaten! How many secret doors are there?

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I count six pushwalls, and

I count six pushwalls, and one of them is inside another secret room.

I spotted a bug: sometimes your hitscan weapons don't fire properly if you're pressing up against a wall. It's because I made the bullet tracer object thing a bit too big while I was fixing a thing that turned out to be caused by something else. (So if you're having trouble with your pistol/shotgun not firing, check if you're touching a wall).

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this seems to be really

this seems to be really glitchy on my machine, but it's still crazy awesome just to walk around the room you start in

great job, brother

This is ridiculously

This is ridiculously godlike! I'd want to say something really complimentary here but I lack the words. ewtaw atawe sfd.

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So thanks to cthulhu32 I

So thanks to cthulhu32 I realised how dumb I am and how to fix the weird perspective thing, so I'll probably do that tomorrow.

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Okay, I've just uploaded a

Okay, I've just uploaded a new version (r2.rar) with some quick changes:

- Hitscan weapons now work properly. You can shoot around corners and fight with your back to the wall.
- I've added a couple more pirates to make things more interesting.
- The perspective effect is improved, with straighter walls. Things still kind of "zoom in" from the horizon though, because this has turned out to be a pain in the frenulum even though I know what's going wrong now, and I don't feel like rewriting everything for this dumb engine that I'll never use again.
- Sprite scaling is also improved but you probably won't even really notice (this is not related to how the sprites were stretched close to the centre of the screen, that was just a cosmetic effect to make them fit with the warped walls).
- If you liked the old fisheye effect, you can toggle it by hitting F.

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this game massively fucks up

this game massively fucks up on 64 bit.

i'll rue the day they ever decided to improve an architecture that clearly sucked