Year One: The Kollector's Kut

Year One: The Kollector's Kut is a complete* collection of every game that anyone posted to the site during the first year of its existence! That's right -- EVERY GAME*! There are 108 in all -- even more delicious B-Game goodness than The 100-in-1 Klik And Play Pirate Kart!

Download Year One: The Kollector's Kut! (44mb, 7-Zip format)

If you've got a game in this collection and want to change any of your metadata (author image / bio, game descriptions and tags), send a PM to SpindleyQ with the relevant information.

* Does not include games that were put on the Pirate Kart. Also, it's currently missing two demos by Mojofltr -- "Pixelman 2" and "Spaceman" :(