What the hell is "Tongue of the Fatman"

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Seriously, please explain.

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I had that! Think it was

I had that!
Think it was also called "Mondu's Fight Palace"
http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/tongue-of-the-fatman has the box art.

Just kind of wacky weird and gross Streetfighterish game....
probably trailblazed for Clayfighter a bit

that one screen makes it look like it wants to be the Mail Order Monsters of fighting games! Don't know if it ever came anywhere near that...

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I like how it has two

I like how it has two abstract shape silhouette fighters. Twice as lazy as your average cheap fighter!

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Man, Tongue Of The Fatman is

Man, Tongue Of The Fatman is just a hell of terrible game. You shouldn't be playing that, that's just a whole load of nonsense.

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Oh, I have yet to play it.

Oh, I have yet to play it. I'm just wondering what on earth would posess anyone to think that this:

was a good idea.

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Man, that predates Austin

Man, that predates Austin Powers' "Fat Bastard" by like, what, a decade?


No rules against bumping up 5 year old threads.. It was a very fun multiplayer fighting game. That store sold upgrades.. there were alternate skins if i remember, and it was like a cyberpunk fighting game. It had a certain feel to it, and atmosphere, like Space Quest I VGA. When I was still in single digits, it was a family favorite along with Crime Wave. It may not be compatible with anyone's system and who knows if anyone has perfected dosbox tweaking for it, but we had the disc for it and wore out the hard drive it was on to play it. Never got soundblaster/adlib/roland/etc to work so even without that it was still a breathtaking triumph and a game worthy of of spriting and porting. There were many unique sprites and special moves. I've seen crazier too trust me, but this one is special.

I once bought a used copy of Street Fighter 2 CE for the Genesis

It turned out to be this game (well, under the name "Slaughter Sport".

I felt violated.