And Then, The Ghost Saw Hands: A Game I've Never Played

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And Then, The Ghost Saw Hands: A Game I've Never Played is quite literally, a game ive never played. Basically, right now I'm up in the mountains with some friends nowhere near my computer. I thoight id miss out on kotm 50 but thanks to the marvels of modern technology and an app called LogMeIn, I can use my compiter remotely thru my phone! however, this is not an ideal solution. Everything is slow and painful and even typing is practically impossible. I put together this entire game thru my iphone and have not played it. Im banking on everything working properly, sorry if it doesnt work at all. I cant even hear sounds so i just plucked stuff put of the windows media folder, hope you like system sounds. Looking foreard to tryin the game for myself tonoght when i get home, and playin your games too!!! (can barel fucking typr sorry for typos)

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this is cool

this is cool

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Nice game. Also highly

Nice game. Also highly frustrating, but I'll get there...

This game is extra difficult

This game is extra difficult because I broke the carriage underneath one of my arrow keys when I tried to clean it last week.

Graphics: A-
Music: A+
Difficulty: B
Story: C+

Verdict: Worth it for the backstory alone

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Is the game meant to be

Is the game meant to be completable past the cock sign?

You put this together using only remote desktop? Wow, that's pretty neat.

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This has such good comic

This has such good comic timing.

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shamefully the description

shamefully the description you typed on your phone didn't get hilariously autocorrected

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that's a cute ghost.

that's a cute ghost.

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It's cool.

It's great, absolutely LOVE the music its addicting to sing with the game!

I also from a stroke of luck figured out how to get past the middle finger at the end, lol.

All I will say is the ending pictures are a smacking good view ;) .

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Can you share the secret of

Can you share the secret of how to get through the middle finger?

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This may be my favorite game

This may be my favorite game on the site. I know I've spent more time on it than some games I've paid retail price for. It's one of my life goals to complete this game.

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Here's a clue.

Be patient. Really patient. You shall then see the way! :D

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Still haven't beaten this,

Still haven't beaten this, but I get a bit further with every attempt.

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Tried again. Super Hexagon

Tried again. Super Hexagon has made me better at this game. Made it to the middle finger, but got impatient and failed.

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Today, I finally reached the

Today, I finally reached the end.

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hands up

this tweet brought me here (2019):

this was so difficult, but i watched a dkc speedrun to start feeling it, and it worked

i can't believe i don't hate that song after retrying so many times