Trusty Assistant


This is a spiritual sequel to THE AMAZING KNIFE THROWER. Rotate the spinning board to which your dainty assistant has been shackled, making sure she doesn't get harmed by the numerous projectiles you'll be shooting at her! But, for a chance of pace from the violence-laden games we all know and love, in this game the arrows and buzzsaws are replaced with feathers and street-sweeper brushes. And I should mention that your assistant is EXTREMELY ticklish.

Left, right: rotate.
Space: begin.

EDIT: Shift: go fast (Kururin style).

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rob fearon has said of jeff

rob fearon has said of jeff minter that someday he will kill him and take his place.

sometimes, when you make games like this, i worry that you are my rob fearon.

HTML5 version


This version fixes the bug where I forgot to mention that the Shift key provides faster movement.