Vector Bros. the Crocodiles Escape the Warehouse

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Vector the Crocodile teams up with his brother Hector the Crocodile. Together, Vector and Hector are Vector Bros! They're stuck in a factory, and they need to work together (as a family!) to escape to the outside world, but first they're going to have to collect every single ring in the factory! Stand on one another's shoulders, push boxes, and get to the blue skies!

This game is two-player friendly! Share the screen with modern split-screen technology! Play with your friend, play with yourself, play with your buddy, or play with your friend's buddy's self!

W, A, and D control Vector, while the arrow keys control Hector (up jumps!)

(Press J and K at the same time to reset the level if you get stuck)

The Vector sprite is courtesy of Yuski. Thank you, Yuski!

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An event


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Very nice co op game. I

Very nice co op game. I really like how the game transitions from splitscreen to single screen.