Embedding YouTube, Java applets

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So, hey, I just enabled a few useful HTML tags to allow everyone to post YouTube videos and such. (I was totally cheating when I posted YouTube videos before and saying "I AM AN ADMINISTRATOR AND YOU WILL DISPLAY WHATEVER HTML I FEEL LIKE TYPING".) So now you can post YouTube videos! And Java applets, too, just for Kirk.

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lets try that again

To view this content, you need to install Java from java.com

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Huh, weird, the HTML filter

Huh, weird, the HTML filter appears to be missing closed div tags.

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Oh, is that's what I was

Oh, is that's what I was doing (slightly sheepish and abashed look)

Yeah, I have this junky xml-compliant or some such crap version of the embed code recent version of processing seem to hint I shold use, but the good old applet-based tags seem to work so much better...