Demon Forest

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Ryutaro Onigoro must escape the demon forest! He has two double jumps, but gains extra ones from slaying demons midair. Find the portal (up in the treetops) and escape!

Jump: X
Sword: Z

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This is a tough one. I've yet to beat it.

It would be much more helpful if the player had a sword like in Demon Sword of Legend of Kage, where the blade spun completely around the player's body.

Did you try the game with this at all? Did it make things too easy to beat?

And it's pretty fun to destroy blue demons, by the way. :)

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It occurred to me about a

It occurred to me about a minute after uploading the game that it would be much improved if it had a much farther reaching sword. Or at least if the sword turned around when the player did. But I decided to let my first draft be my final draft on this one.

Thanks! Glad it's fun to kill them! Some sort of "sequel" might happen for the Pirate Kart.

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Interesting mechanic! I

Interesting mechanic! I haven't beaten it, although I've hit the ceiling a few times. I'm not sure having to explore to find the exit portal adds anything but frustration, and would have liked to see the end goal be just to get to the treetops to run away Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon-style.

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That is just SO true. The

That is just SO true. The portal was a vestigial remnant from a different version of the game that didn't end up happening. I may fix this in the sequel.