Gold's Enigma

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my first game with klik n play :o)

Gold's Enigma

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An event


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I really enjoyed this.

I really enjoyed this. Personal highlights: the hand-drawn graphics, the game within a game, the multiple endings, the use of the word "molted".

That's a first game?

it's gorgeous, at first I was sorta playing it and then I got involved.

Why don't you get a game that is linked to the coach... oh man that'd be sooo
wild... collectin whistles and not act like he's gettin his art on because it's
all about productivity.. And you can too. If you Build it they will come.

But yeah, the art was good, and it had a lot of content, and a lot of substance. it felt pretty realistic, like a little more than just being in a movie theater. Your involvement with us is nice. The car is a sweet ride. It's hard to explain, it's really just definitely worth a look.

how did you do

how did you do this???????????????

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You can use the 32-bit

You can use the 32-bit version of The Games Factory to convert most Klik & Play games without issue!