Gavin on Mars: Eric Expansion Pack

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Eric (age 4) was delighted with his Kickstarter reward game, Gavin on Mars, but he had a few ideas of his own that he wanted to see come to life. We left the original untouched, and simply added on to the end. You can skip there by pressing the "E" key at the first screen(s).

First screen: A two-player ape vs. robot fight! Here you are meant to bump into each other and go "Aaugh, you got me!"

Second screen: Was actually made first; thus the exploration of the different objects. Here the robot is not controllable; his job is to run around pinching everyone. The helicopter thing happened by accident, but understanding it is key to moving on.

Third screen: Here Eric remade the unicorn-riding segment to his own specifications. I'll let you discover what that means.

Fourth screen: He just wanted to see more plants.

Jeremy and Eric Penner
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The means of progressing in

The means of progressing in this were really puzzling, and more interesting than any solutions I can think of from recent puzzle or adventure games.

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I love Eric's version of the

I love Eric's version of the unicorn/horse section! He must be much nicer, or generous, than I am.

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He's just making the games

He's just making the games he wants to play.