Some extracted Klip art

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Contains about 35 animated GIF characters and 25 static backgrounds. The GIFs were originally intended to be web forum avatars, but they may be usable in other game editing packages like Game Maker.

The animated GIFs are not 100% accurate because matching up the hotspots perfectly was maddening.

This is nowhere near a complete rip of the GFX resources, but I'm putting it up here in case it's useful to anyone not using Klik & Play in the next KOTM. No one can resist the Disco Weenie.

Anyone interested in a complete rip? I'm pretty sick of it right now, but maybe we could all work away at it and eventually have everything in a format everyone can use. (Or maybe a good coder could rip them more efficiently?)

Klipart.zip1.46 MB
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Oh, wonderful! This is a

Oh, wonderful! This is a beautiful thing.

I've certainly thought about doing some reverse engineering on the KNP file format before. Maybe I should put some time into it and see what comes out.

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Wow! I have wanted something

Wow! I have wanted something like this for a really long time, thanks so much.

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Be sure to check out the

Be sure to check out the Klik & Play image extraction tools that I built after being inspired by this work.

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I will be sure to.

I will be sure to.