KNPExtract v0.1

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Yes, it's finally here! A tool to extract graphics directly from Klik & Play .img files! Source code is included.

I'm still working on cracking the .gam format, which is a lot tougher, but will allow me to extract the graphics in the proper order, and automatically group the images by object / animation / direction.

knpextract.zip1.39 MB


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I can't wait to unearth all

I can't wait to unearth all sorts of images I overlooked due to the program's general inaccessibility.

Such as:

hedgehog_deep_throat_nsfw.png2.01 KB
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Oh... oh dear. Anyway,

Oh... oh dear.

Anyway, extractor = awesome. (...I mean, I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but existence of extractor = awesome.)