Somewhere Beyond Cassette 50 saved in the Web Archives

Hey all, I joined the site to participate in the 2012 Pirate Kart. Then I spent a few hours exploring the trainwreck gallery and the forums... lots of fun.

Reading through some posts I got to the Internet Archives and, searching there, found out that they hold a copy of the "Somewhere Beyond Cassette 50" site that so far I thought was gone forever. The links don't seem to work but by accessing a few snapshots taken at different dates it's possible to see most of the games.

Games #11-20

Games #22-30

Games #28-38

Games #39-49

Apologies in advance if this is well-known (and/or not well-liked for the language used in the reviews or whatever) -- that site showed me the notion of games that are fun for being so bad, and since I didn't see it mentioned in the trainspotting forum, I thought I'd post it.