Famous Authors: Kafka

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Experience the life of one of the most important authors of the 20th century, Franz Kafka, known for his numerous short stories, his troubled life, and his penchant for pressing X repeatedly.

Chris Whitman
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It's artutainment! Or

It's artutainment! Or edutartment! It is good.

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so tuberculosis makes you

so tuberculosis makes you shout red bubbles? i didn't know. pretty great game. WAY TOO great. the graphics are too good and the music is too good, too. this could be in the app store (for free). seriously very polished game and great work. i loled but it made my arms hurt so badly. at one point i had to switch arms because i couldnt keep on hitting X with my right arm anymore and I haven't even watched and pr0n yet today. kafka makes me glad for being fluent in german. not that i actually get his stories.

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Innovative new form of game

Innovative new form of game storytelling!

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Brilliant. I never thought

Brilliant. I never thought that script I wrote to spam the X key would see any use outside of Super Crate Box, but you proved me wrong!