Pirate Bubbles

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The year: 1718 A.D.
The location: the high seas.

You play as the ever scurvy pirate "Bleckbeard" in his quest to avoid being soaped up by any form of bubble! He has toiled for decades to keep that grime grafted onto his skin, and he isn't going to let some dastardly rain cloud destroy his quest to be the dirtiest pirate in the sea! Avoid every bubble that Bubbles the Cloud (tm) unleashes on the deck of the ship. Soundtrack by Linkin Park.

Made For: 
An event


ghettowreath's picture

nice bubbles pilgrim

had a little fun with this one. Not much in depth, but simplicity works well in this. I had fun staring at the backdrop and I still find fascination at the detail they did way back when, pirate flag and all. Looks like a Thrirpwood ship.