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Dragonballas is a pretty good game

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An event


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how do you not dies when you

how do you not dies when you come out of the pipes

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me have to admiz

that I canz not be beaten the water levels (sometimes getting out of the frame works otherwise it doesn't and i don't know why. its probably an mmf 1.5 bug but seriously congratulations if you make it so the second frame. im sorry to disappoint you but that's all there is :C)

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make sure to click on that cat and check out the sub menus. im currently laughing my ass off. i didnt even remember that anymore.

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all right i beat the

all right i beat the pedobear or whatever but is the gap the end-end

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thats the end of the game. i stole that bear from some click game making forum where some dude posted his epic sprite for his upcoming game. it was just too good to be left untouched.

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oh wait

you actually don't get that dancing 3d cat from the start. you have to unlock it. you have unlocked it once you beat the first level. The game stores an INI somewhere on your computer once you have beaten the first level so every time you come back to the game now you have that dancing cat so MAKE SURE TO CLICK ON IT!