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Press a key when the hidden colour matches the non-hidden colour! In the end, your score is measured in particles.

Made for the GDC Noisebridge Jam 2012.

Jeremy Penner
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An event


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Perhaps it's the oldbie

Perhaps it's the oldbie ZZTer in me, but I love how this game looks. Measuring the score in particles is just awesome.

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Yeah, I came up with the

Yeah, I came up with the effect first (trying to replicate the ink blot that was one of the suggested themes) and then tried to figure out what the fuck the game could be. It's easily the prettiest thing I've ever made.

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im too fucking stupid

for this game :C

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Some more lucid instructions

So there is a giant particle blob that takes up most of the screen that changes colour periodically. (The more you progress, the shorter this period is.) There is also, underneath it, a much smaller particle blob which has a random position and colour that does not change until it is cleared. The object of the game is to press a key when the two particle blobs have matching colours. If you press a key when the colours don't match, the screen gets slightly darker.

If the smaller particle blob is in the middle, it gets really, really hard.