MarMOTS update

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Integrating my stackless python game engine is progressing smoothly, though it's turned out to be a little bit more work than I had initially bargained for.

Big change #1 is that the game loop no longer runs as fast as possible; rather it only runs in response to external events (keypresses + timers). Obviously, since I'm going to be running this thing on a server that I share with a couple hundred other people, using 100% CPU all of the time is not the best way to go. It's actually kind of bugged me for a long while that the engine did that, so it's nice to have a fix.

Big change #2 is that a bunch of global variables containing the current high-level "game state" (ie, which board we're on, which board we're heading to next, etc) got split into a new kind of object called a Client. This was kind of bad design in the first place, but I really needed this new entity once I introduced multiplayer.

The good news is that these two big changes are done, and a proof-of-concept port of hax0r over telnet to work the bugs out should be coming soon!

I'm kind of leaning towards only supporting SyncTERM over flashterm. Advantages to SyncTERM: ANSI music support, the smiley face character works. Disadvantages: Seperate app that you'll have to download, rather than clicking a button on a webpage. The ANSI music "language" looks sort of like ZZT's music language, so you can imagine that I'm pretty hyped about supporting THAT.


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that second one warms the

that second one warms the cockles of my heart.

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Gorgeous! I'm afraid the


I'm afraid the bullet dot you're using for eyes in the second one are unlikely to work, as characters 7-13 are reserved by the telnet spec. (Seen here as characters 07-0D.) I was trying to recreate the picture in an ANSI editor and couldn't find the dots at all in any editor I tried -- I imagine that they weren't generally usable by BBSes either. I'll do a little empirical testing for you in SyncTerm to make sure.

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try dashes then --

try dashes then --