Pirate Kart V: The 2012-in-one Glorious Developers Konference Kollection now available for download!

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By the time GDC Play ended, we had 1005 games from 378 different contributors! And there have been more since then!

That's a lot of games! So here's a fancy-pants launcher to make browsing, downloading, and playing them easier!
download it!


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It's truly glorious. I'm

It's truly glorious. I'm trying to get whoever I can to play these.

Is there (still?) a plan to distribute a torrent/complete download down the road? I know this one isn't in competition anywhere, but do we intend to try to get any attention/publicity for the Kart on places like KSD or other sites that liked the IGF Kart?

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I don't plan to distribute a

I don't plan to distribute a mostly-complete download, no. It is a real a pain in the butt (and expensive, potentially) to deal with files that big.

Dunno what KSD is, but if you want to tell sites about it, that's fine with me! I have never had any luck when contacting such places directly.

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I'm guessing 'KSD' is

I'm guessing 'KSD' is 'Kill Screen Daily'.

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Oh my gosh, the screenshot

Oh my gosh, the screenshot grid view is GREAT.

Really missing the built-in Twitter functionality! I may have to hack that back in. Guess until then I'll tweet by HAND

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It is super easy for me to

It is super easy for me to put it back in! Want me to?

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Anonymous tweeting from

Anonymous tweeting from @PirateKart from the comfort of your own home, I still think is not a great idea. (Just today, a friend of mine, to celebrate his 10,000th tweet, put up a "type something into this box and it'll tweet as though it were me" page and horrible shit just flowed out by the bucketload.)

I was thinking more along the lines of adding a login dialogue, so you could use the Pirate Kart launcher to tweet reviews from your own account.

Crashes :(

The launcher crashes for me on Windows XP. Screen: http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=410&u=11037878

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Aw crap. Did it happen to

Aw crap. Did it happen to spit out a .log file or a stderr.txt?

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works for me

win xp 32 bit

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btw where is the love for this?

it is finally done. it was a big thing. yet i only see very few comments on here and nothing on tigsource or any other page :C why?

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It doesn't have the IGF

It doesn't have the IGF controversy angle so it's harder for places to justify writing about it I think.
And it didn't get the giant Redditsplosion like the IGF Kart.

My Playtomic stats, if they are working right, are showing the launcher having been run 1,925 times(all versions). (For comparison: the IGF Kart shows about 25,000).

But it got about three times as many people to make games! That's the number I care about most.

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MIT Gambit recorded

MIT Gambit recorded themselves playing it for an hour: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/21472295

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problem with pirate kart.

problem with pirate kart. hardly anything works on 64 bit systems

also those guys in ustream say "click or play" and not "klik and play" i loled

Sadly, AVG nukes it, and I'm

Sadly, AVG nukes it, and I'm to damn paranoid to stop it :(

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It complains about the

It complains about the launcher? That's super weird, since it's just a Python app packaged with py2exe. Do you have any better luck with Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Exe? If you select the Pirate Kart event and start this MP3 playing in the background you should get much the same experience.

You know what? it complains

You know what? it complains about GT.exe too, so screw it, allowing GT.exe and this, paranoia has never gotten me anywhere on the internet.

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It just downloads and runs

It just downloads and runs arbitrary binaries that anyone on the internet can upload! What could possibly go wrong?

(Seriously, to my knowledge, nothing has ever gone wrong in 5+ years of this)