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Another breakanoid thing. This time it's a an adventure game! Explore the Metroid-like area with the help of frustrating RC controls, and luck!

Improvements I have in mind:

" Add ability to determine when ball is fired, and in what direction
" More rooms
" More interesting scenery

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OH MAN... sounds GREAT!

Right now, I can't sit at my computer for too long without getting dizzy... but I can't wait to give this a shot when it's feasible for me.

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I look forward to feedback.

I look forward to feedback. The idea is half-baked here, but I want to make something good of it.

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I'm not a fan of the RC

I'm not a fan of the RC controls you should try something else. There was this game for the SEGA Megadrive and Game Gear named Devilish that took Breakout outside of its genre but it had scrolling stages instead of a screen-by-screen thing but you had two paddles, one that you could rotate ninety degrees that made it a doddle to direct the ball towards the sides of the screen so maybe you should case it before you work on stealing the idea which I am all for.

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I'll try that game,

I'll try that game, thanks.

Another idea I am going to test is 8-way movement and using shoulder buttons to rotate the paddle. Because, yeah, I think if I want to make a good game of this I think I need to give the player more control / not be such a jerko.


With regards to pizza time

I'd like to stop and say thanks for reminding us all, or at least me of the game devilish. If I remember it was a lot of fun, and there's a stellar ds port. I'm all excited about playing it again as it's been so long.

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I'm actually quite a fan of

I'm actually quite a fan of the control scheme. You actually HAVE TO WORK to get better at it. It irked me that trying to stop on a dime and reverse direction didn't always respond, but because the penalty for missing the ball is simply to backtrack/re-establish your position, it never got to be TOO frustrating.

I've never seen "race car" movement applied to a ball-and-paddle game before.

The controls fly in the face of convention to such an extent that even after having learned them, I had to work to REMEMBER them. Maybe that makes them "frustrating" and "counterintuitive", but it also makes your game very memorable.

As a fellow who loves pinball, I naturally WANT to trigger Multi-ball... but in Breaktroid, I DREAD IT.

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Just a quick reply to note

Just a quick reply to note that I've made a few other ball-and-paddle type things with RC controls:

Breakanoid RC -

Pololo Shodown -