This is my first time actually coding a game, so I thought I'd work with the simplest structure I thought possible: visual novels. In no way could I reach the 2 hour mark with absolutely no code experience for this event, so I extended it to 2 days. In that time, I learned a lot and had to figure a few things out on my own. Still, when I hit that 2 day mark, I had to put it down. The whole concept was to take a space shmup I have never played and make a back story to it (since translations were fantastically bad back then).

I logically chose the game with the giant fish and this is what came of it.

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This read very true as a

This read very true as a shmup backstory, so good job! I liked the UI, too.

thanks, the UI was the

thanks, the UI was the biggest pain to get right. Once I got that in place, everything started to work.