Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #3

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Sun, Jan 17 2010 09:00 AM
01/17/2010 - 18:00
01/17/2010 - 20:00

Is the regular Klik of the Month Klub at an absurdly inconvenient time? Then try the Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball! (Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball is open to all genders and time zones.)

The rules are the same: You get two hours to make a game in Klik & Play. If Klik & Play is a hindrance rather than a boon to your creativity, feel free to dump it for the game creation tool of your choice. If you're new to Klik & Play, check out our Learning KNP FAQ.

It's no fun making games by yourself in a vacuum, so make sure to stop by IRC. Our server is, and our channel is #glorioustrainwrecks.

For more information, check out the N00B FAQ.

Sign up below to be reminded the day before the ball!

Games made for Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #3


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I have no idea if I got the

I have no idea if I got the time right; I believe it's 8:00am GMT? Was that what time it was last time?

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I think it's 8-10 hours

I think it's 8-10 hours later than that. Can't remember the exact time.

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OK, Drupal's support for

OK, Drupal's support for editing events that don't occur in your timezone is super wonky. I've changed it to 4:00pm GMT. Feel free to comment if you'd prefer it shift around an hour or two.

I think Radix is in GMT+8, meaning this sits squarely at midnight for him, so it might be better to shift it back a couple of hours. (The first one would have been 2:00pm GMT.) I think he's still working on his entry from last month, though. :) Such a change might also help out people in western Australia, if we have any such people about.

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How about having them

How about having them exactly 12 hours apart? That would work for people in every single timezone, and it's a lot easier to think about—midnight and noon GMT.

The only downside I can think of is that it would prevent more people from participating in both.

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I think I'm probably +10 now

I think I'm probably +10 now (is that Sydney?) or something. I'm actually going to go visit some relatives around then. Not sure when I'm leaving so I might need to do an early one anyway.

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Strong Chat

This is a tribute to crappy internet connections.

And ripping off Hempuli.

StrongChat.zip135.4 KB
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This is truly a great

This is truly a great achievement.

Also it's less a crappy internet connection and more a crappy computer that somehow decided it couldn't handle like every midi website ever. WHICH IS STILL FRUSTRATING.

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Takstein Dodger

Dodge the takstein. Dodge it well.

Warning: Your eyes may splode.

taksteindodger.zip1.52 MB
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BRB, having a epileptic fit.

BRB, having an epileptic fit.


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smurf takes a walk in a forest

its an art game about walking through a forest and its consequences

smourfourtyfive.PNG21.05 KB
smurforest.zip1.08 MB
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Oops. I accidently cheated

Oops. I accidently cheated the 1st time. I just went left.

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i would have done a

i was going to do a different ending for that but it was put together in like 20 minutes and i didn't want to go over the time limit

also i made it so you wrap around the screen because it was a tradition in my previous smurf-related trainwrecks which i should post here sometime

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Supreme Animal World Cup Alliance Theft Auto

It is your quest to reach the highest position of all football aka soccor players...
and dominate the world.
But obstacles lie in your path. With the aid of your coach, can you man up and overcome them? Find out in the biggest arcade action sports game of this year, Supreme Animal World Cup Alliance Turismo!

SAWCATA.zip93.69 KB
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whoops, it's not working,

whoops, it's not working, I'll fix it now.
Here's the working version:

PROTIP: use the mouse for the last boss, because I forgot to mention that ingame.

SAWCATA.zip113.72 KB
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I couldn't get my game done. I did learn how not to (or how to do it the slow, clunky way) make it in Construct though. So I'm quite pleased with the two-hours spent, anyway. Apart from the part where I went sort-of blind and had to go to bed.