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This is a simple game. Press CTRL to attack and SHIFT to jump. beware of traps! The making of this game brought me back to a better time, a time when i used to make games because - hell, it was made by me! - and the excitement of watching your first game go was fascinating, even if it was broken or clunky. it was made by me.
I think i lost the ability to love the simplier games over time and cared only about the gameplay, and i began to get really bored and uninterested with my games. well, i thought it was time to go back and restart from the begginning.

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Good game! Has a great

Good game! Has a great Castlevania-esque atmosphere.

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Nice game pal

Where do you get more MMF2 graphics like the moving tree enemy?

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They're actually from the

They're actually from the Klik & Play libraries.

it good it hard

not too much and not too little, those trees are pretty.... like the shrubbery... It's TUFF.. had to die some... But in the end you have to live some... That's why fvm delivers... He does that for the sake of our entertainment give up some time for us.. For the ug..

rep the ug, get the ugg boots