Leongame plot inventory

Inspired by this.

These are most all of my browser games on my website.

All Against One: Blow up a man.
Assault on Crater Bulb: Blow up aliens.
Trepidatious Peak: Climb a mountain.
Danger Quad: Avoid falling onto spikes.
Prizeturret: Avoid your own missiles.
Pong/Antipong: Bounce a circle with two lines.
Gravity Gunner: Swing stuff away from you and toward aliens.
Disc Gunship: Bisect aliens.
Stork Ride: Avoid approaching obstacles.
Gridball: Keep a circle onscreen.
In The Well: Climb falling debris to escape a pit.
On An Iron Isle: Climb a tower then blow up a robot.
!!!!!!: Go to the right.
Finderseek: Squish aliens.
Fire Triss: Blow up a woman.
Frozen Planetini: Blow up aliens.
Parachute Skiing: Avoid approaching obstacles, then click on people.
Operation Lodestone: Blow up cities.
Brainpan: Prevent ants from dancing in your skull.
Saucer Sandy's Moon Escape: Blow up aliens to escape a prison.
Super Calamity Annie Galaxy: Blow up hombres.
Vertical Impulse: Escape a tower.
Your Mischievous Mouse: Avoid approaching obstacles.
Magnetball: Keep a circle onscreen.
Wee: Climb a hill then urinate on a man.
Return Alive: Kill monsters or get treasure to escape a dungeon.
ABOVE v. BELOW: Blow up things while protecting the bottom of the screen.
The Terrible, Terrible Turret: Avoid your own missiles.
Spirograph Skies: Avoid your own missiles.
Trusty Assistant: Avoid approaching obstacles.
Terra Tam: The World Warrior: Wrestle foes to the ground.
Bind Her! Bind a woman.
Beneath Her Belly: Push a woman/yourself onto player 2.
Rapidly Advancing Laser: Stop a woman from being lasered.
Release Me!: Stop a woman from being headsucked.
SSStop Me: Collect squares while avoiding snakes.


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Very interesting! I tried it

Very interesting! I tried it myself and I'm hoping it catches on.