Revenge of Polka Warrior


Just a little fun 1 frame "game" for you fellas and

felladies. a little bit of art, a little bit of

beautiful accordion, and a little bit more art... some

ascii from a youth, and a little bit for you. Enjoy

everyone. And yes, the blinking image is the end of the

"game" but enjoy it, press BACKSPACE to walk around

again, or = to see the picture again...



Made For: 
An event


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what even

what even

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is that the bowflex guy

is that the bowflex guy

questions arousing

what is the polka guy taking revenge for? because to me he looks like someone who can't complain much about the life he had.
You got me with the way the old dude moves its eyes when doing his fartish-flying move.
This is a wow. Almost as good as the reviews you post around on this website. Makes me feel sad though.
The first time I played I did not noticed I could jump so I came back to it and played it again.
I don't understand what "=" is for and it does not seem to respond.

Okay, I just noticed this a couple days back

I'm glad I'm not the only retro commentator. For forever I've tried to cram as many frames into a game until I simply got tired of making it. I wanted to make something in a single frame, really, cuz uhh, most of this one guy's games, thesycophant and uhh, I missed the boat entirely and ended up with this. I think = takes you to the next frame and BACKSPACE takes you to the former frame. It's a scheme I invented after all the complaints of being stuck in my previous games and the trend was started after the game I made 2 before this. The one about penguins.

But yeah, after all the stuff I worked on, I think I spent a month or more on the release before, and it was during an increased stressful timeframe, at least for that time. I'd just gotten the whole suite and haven't really used it to its potential and I don't know how or what or why but I came up with this one.

I'm not sure why it's called Revenge of the Polka Warrior. I kept clicking RANDOM NAME RANDOM NAME at and it was the only title that fit. Posthumous naming, not really my style. I usually start with a name and title screen and model it that way.

But Yeah, I try to come up with useful things to say at every part, do my best to be helpful. Can't tell if I'm helping or not most of the time so I just flow with it. Thanks for the comment things though. -b

useful kindness

you're helping a lot! the kindness and benevolence creations are met with in this community has a very strong impact on everybody's creativity and inspiration

Alright, I'm gonna keep training and doing my best

I'd present you a chistmas present right here but I dunno, I'll look for somewhere better to announce it. Till then, enjoy uhh, sauerkraut as that's the traditional garnish used for sochelnik dinner. Maybe another chillout game could be a good thing, who knows? I'll find another venuethread for the post.