Rooftop Garden

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A small rooftop map for Doom 2. Tested with PRBoom but any Boom derived port should play it which is pretty much all of them except Chocolate Doom.

Consider it still in development. I really need the feedback on how it plays under Hurt Me Plenty and Ultraviolence, especially HMP because I'm still not sure about object placement and whether I should replace the Soulsphere in the secret area with something else or put a tough enemy or two around instead.

EDIT: Post updated with revision. It's the same filename so if you want to keep the old one back it up.
EDIT#2: Revision number 2. Same filename again.
EDIT#3: Final version. Same filename as the first but now it has a text file.

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Cool level! I'm just wowed

Cool level! I'm just wowed by your aesthetics! Your Thing changes for the difficulties are very smart imo. I like maps that give you a wholly different level on difficulty changes!

sick shadows, bro

sick shadows, bro

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Post your stats that you

Post your stats that you ended with for each difficulty so I can tweak this. I think that this form would be the easiest way.



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Vey nice wad. the shadows

Vey nice wad. the shadows are very well placed and polished. it was very fair too speaking of difficulty