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It was always my hope to create mainstream looking games in and outsider language. Much like trying to hide the fact you created someting with print shop instead of photoshop. These are my attempts which I most likely will not finish.
Hopefully someone can find some value in them.

Dragon Warrior
DWAR2.zzt (font file)
DW2.bat (run this)
DwLevel.hlp (acessible in game to keep track of level advences)

Dragon warrior was a huge untertaking including a huge number of enemies and with help from WiL a very sophisticated battle for any Zzt game. Colliding with world size retrictions and without the desire to split the worlds up the project was left abandoned.


A upgrades and defense style game. Don't let the goblins reach your castle. With a tax collection powerup available and several more in the original game plan.


A classic adventure RPG with puzzle elements set in the land of Darkworld. This game capitalized on the reasons why Zzt is so great. The power of simple ascii characters and Zzt's affinity for displaying text.

MLM Magical land of muggles

This simple puzzle game required the player to place himslef in dangerous places throughout the levels hoping to direct the muggles to thier hole without being destroyed. Only a tutorial board with simple mechanics and a world map comleted.

Dungeon Raise
Dungeon.zzt (font file)
Dungeon.bat (run this)

An attempt at a 3D dungeon engine in Zzt. This engine met with board size limits and would only accomodate a few objects and enemies. It could still work if I was willing to sacrifice game depth and length.

Future.zzt (font file)
Future.bat (run this)

Several different weapons were implemented in this multi-level adventure shoot-em-up.

If anyone has the desire to finish these games or has additional comments send me an email.
Or make comments in the comments section!!!


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I don't think the world was ready for this wave of production values. Nor do I see anyone save maybe you or WiL with the dedication to complete something like dragon warrior. You worked with your budget and brought out the best with what you had. This is a good vault.. stick around, join irc if you want, and keep on uggin it.

Well I suppose TOSE could do it.. They did make dragon quest heroes: rocket slime and that is my fav dw game. And if it was arcadeish Wayforward would be my second go-to for commercial production.


This is an impressive body of work, Lynx! Dragon Warrior does have that mainstream potential and Dungeon Raise is a marvelous innovation for ZZT. It's disheartening that you've abandoned these projects but inspiring nonetheless. The new ZZTV could really benefit from your talent!

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RPGs <3

I'm sorry I missed this stuff. I was impressed/inspired by the dragon warrior preview on z2 way back in the early goings of my zzt experience. Is this version any different?

Plug: We must share similar tastes because I too did a 3D crawl in Angelis Finale (but knackered it with a difficult to win random encounter scenario). That also uses a font, mostly so I could do the crawl in wireframe. I also made an RPG, Psychic Solar War Adventure, which I think turned out to be a fairly good take on console RPGs. It was a game I wrote with the echo's of that DW preview in my head, among other things.

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Dragon Warrior is bigger

This Dragon Warrior is much bigger than the demo. Tons of linked maps and a functional combat system which goes to lvl 20 and includes every enemy planned for the game (not including boss battles). Not a lot of story though. Take a look. If anyone would like to use the art let me know.