Turtle Lord

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Here's the idea that had I struck upon it a few weeks ago, I would've thrown together for that "You Are the Villain" Ludum Dare. It's been a while since I've done one of these, and it's a bit early for this weekend, but here we go!

It's a riff on the end of Super Mario Bros. 3 in which you are a big turtle-y boss who has to crush the heroes who are trying to break into your castle. Crush them when they're on the bridge, but don't fall in, and don't let them slay you!

Press X to jump. You can move in midair with arrow keys.

Nine stages in all!

(It's maybe a little buggy. Just a little.)

John D. Moore
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I won with 6 deaths

I won with 6 deaths

aww man i'm excited

but i'm gonna wait for the event to start to play this one, you know... keep it ready... join the ug irc sometime pilgrim, it's always good to hear from you either in a release or words. you're the reason i'm here. keep on uggin it

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Cute game! Beat it with only

Cute game! Beat it with only 4 deaths! I found it a tad easy, though! I had no problems until the last two stages. Good concept!


now THAT's how you stage a train wreck! Took me long enough to swoop around and play it but wow that was fun fun! Yeah, from the very beginning when I see the JDM/Whatnot I'm pretty sure I'm in for a treat. This one delivers big time, even without being spoiled by sweet beatz. just effects. For some reason the image of Max Headroom singing Xmas trackz was the first thing that came to mind when I got to the final stage thing, but I suppose what's put in the end is different in everyone's mind.

This one's a slight variation and is quite different from the usual one frame platform you usually go for, but I'll take it and whatever I can get. I suppose at heart it is still a 1 level platformer with different difficulties and variations.. I myself have tried a couple ways of that because I dunno, I try to mimic my mentors a little bit. romantic ping pong experts and revenge of the polka warrior for that single frame style/flow, but I don't think of myself when I think single level platformers.. You and mojofltr are the ones that come to mind.

That's all I've got without sounding too dedicated. Keep that turtle sprite handy, maybe he'll serve you in the future. Some day I'll get past level 21 in your big game, and yeah, keep on uggin it.