Glorious Trainwrecks

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Happy birthday

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Beautiful. I love the sound

Beautiful. I love the sound design!

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I think it's most beautiful

I think it's most beautiful when speedrunning. I should add a timer...

That was beautiful

Way to jump out of a hiatus. I don't know if the newgroundsers will understand that one. Appeasing them is a tough call. What do they want? Do they want mediocre pornographic card memory games? do they want something original? do they want cut and paste frame by frame same thang design?

It's up to us to give them what they don't want so hopefully in element someone will see the light. But it's hard to plug it like an infomercial, really get them to understand. This is probably why you left it in preview only for the select few to integrate with it. Hey guess what this is the new wave, or at least the new jack swing of trainwrecks.

The controlling scheme is out of this world. There's no watered down-ness, no hand holding with an in-depth description. You basically get sent off to do this, as it's your calling. And it makes me feel like I've been slacking a bit as of the recent, in every aspect. I just came back, my other ug is accusing me of dropping some lincoln logs onto the freeway causing ruckus, but I did no such thing. Just making sure Victor is doing okay and keeping up with my urbz. What can be done in a week though? THIS... This is the moment you've been looking for, what can be done in absence. I didn't even think to check, but I did and played and... it cleansed the soul. I'd go more into it but I don't want to ruin the experience for others.. This is the power of knowing your tools. Enjoy.

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I just love reading your

I just love reading your comments.