Whimsical Snack Hound : Meanwhile, elsewhere

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Ok this is my Klik of the Month game. This is a violent game, as usual, but this time it's violence against animals so it may upset you more than boring violence-against-humans.
It is the preseprequel to Whimsical 2 : Shoot the piano player actually no don't shoot him. So as a preseprequel it was made after its sequel but the action takes place exactly at the same time (hence the title).
This game is dedicated to the Jeannie and Melanie, two ladies I met about one hour ago in ASPRO ALOGO, that's a restaurant in the Plaka district in Athens, you should definitely check it out next time you go to Athens. Also dedicated to the lovely mexican couple that was sitting next to me.

I used the music I made 3 days ago in a train in italy because I was bored.

So this game is also dedicated to Trenitalia.





"Fresh, cosmopolitan, witty, though-provoking" (The New York Times)
"Takes less time than watching random TED talks, and give greater insight into the topics" (Ed)

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Not bad

There's probably a multisample setting somewhere that's not checked by default. check that and the music will still play.


I'll fix that when I have a minute

multiple samples doesn't work

Actually all I got from "multiple samples" option is a huge white noise sound so I'll leave it like that for the moment but thanks for bringing my attention on this I'll try again on my hopefully upcoming trainwrecks

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"Multiple samples" in Klik &

"Multiple samples" in Klik & Play is extremely buggy. It works better in the newer programs (assuming you're using the 32-bit versions).

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I haven't played the

I haven't played the pre-sequel yet (I like to do things in order!), but this is an interesting take on the whimsical snack hound... not so whimsy after all, eh? But certainly a snacking hound!


Thanks :) I did not know the word "whimsical" but when looking for it I found among other meanings :
"Acting or behaving in a capricious manner."
so this is what it means here and also in the preseprequel

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it's good to see variety

Very good! Me, I didn't even know that was a definition of whimsical.