Fourth Anniversary Quick Klik - Oh, It's Terrible!

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cw: vore

This is what happens after the World 7 King is transformed.

Press Ctrl to wreak havok.

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Loved the abrupt way the

Loved the abrupt way the game ended. Is that the true ending? I tried eating everything but everything leads me to death by justice

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Hmm, I should probably add a

Hmm, I should probably add a second ending to this, shouldn't I?

Edit: Added a new ending for when you eat all the (edible) landmarks in World 7.

Yeah, if drblowhole was here

This would be right up his alley, not to say it isn't up ours because it is.. Such attention to detail is given here.. The work on the obstacles is done perfectly, and i only ran into a bug once... I haven't been able to recreate it... it had something to do with going into a pipe while pressing control and ending up stuck above the map and in the water area.

That aside, just look at the everything else.. I actually felt slightly morbid going after toad people since they're my favorite characters, but the jumpy one dissing the king at the beginning had it coming to him. It has a feeling of fresh. Nice jogging cameo, and way to use up the assets. I forget which library it's from, but I need to find that library again after seeing it work so well here.

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I enjoy this portrayal of

I enjoy this portrayal of Yoshi as an all-consuming chaotic force.

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Delightful! Very fun humour

Delightful! Very fun humour here :) One of my favourite details is the crown in the first frame... I just love how it falls off into the void.

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This is beyond delightful.

This is beyond delightful.