Annoy a Cat: Deluxe

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cw: vore

You are a mouse. Annoy the cat. Break the bricks. Don't hit the floor or the cat will eat you.

Important: Hold Shift to go higher.

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A found fragment of an issue of the glamorous 'GamerZine', 1995

Annoy A Cat Deluxe is the new game from D. Orz, the elusive programmer who has delighted us with previous releases such as Pet A Dog Mega (1992), Ultimate Spreadsheet Calculator (1993), Annoy A Cat Un-Deluxe (1996), and, who could forget, Yoshi's Amnesiac Rampage (1993)! Such a long list of titles should impress any budding gamer- few is the office hallway not a-flutter with raving discussions of the newest creation by the "Wizard" of Orz!

But we're not here to talk about these, in the face of Annoy A Cat Deluxe, petty creations. What we have here is a goldmine- a revolution in the style of the game about jumping on a cat forever, which will surely be a finalist for the upcoming Best Game About Jumping On A Cat Forever Galaxy Race 2000! The idea is simple: You jump on a cat, hit your head against one or more of an endless chute of magical 'bricks', and jump on the cat again. It is impossible to lose, meaning the fun will 'never' "stop"!

I don't want to spoil the enjoyment of the game itself by talking more about it, so here is the manual as given by D. themselves:

"Annoy A Cat Deluxe will put YOU! in the shoes of a budding young mouse in their journey (YOUR JOURNEY!) to destroy all of the bricks constantly being puked out of the infinite brick puker by the nasty Meowser (not you). However, you have at your hand an infinite set of legs with which to volley yourself off of the cat from, and towards the brick supply. It's up to YOU! to stop too many of the bricks from es caping and causing mortal harm to Mouseville (not depicted). Can you fill the shoes of this 'big cheese'? Play today and find out!"

Hopefully this game will live up to the hype enough for it to beat out the rest of the universe in the Best Game About Jumping On A Cat Forever Galaxy Race 2000! It'd be a shame if the Earth were to lose and be incinerated by the Vlorps, but hey, that's no reason to abandon all hope and leave your radiation proof bunkers!

We also have an EXCLUSIVE interview with current hotstepping developer, acatacomb:


And there you have it, folks!

Included after this article, for the next ten pages, is a line-by-line listing of all the code you'll need to enter should you wish to enter the program by yourself into QFISAC.


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More than anything, this

More than anything, this game reminds me of that Klik & Play vore compilation.

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I'm not skilled enough to

I'm not skilled enough to get past the third layer of bricks, but that death animation! Smooth.

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( ^ )- ^)

Yeah, that eating looks nice.

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Breakoutism. Wow. Such

Breakoutism. Wow. Such mouse.

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