Troll Logic

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It's a little Twine interactive fiction thing.
my first entry. really fun to make, mebbe kills a minute or two in the playing :)
EDIT thanks for feedback, lots of thanks! who knew there was + feedback on the internetS. reuploaded, fixed a couple mistakes.

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Dang, real good first entry

This made me smile a lot- the conclusion is great! I like the pictures a lot, especially of the troll getting mad.

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thanks a HELL of a lot, and

thanks a HELL of a lot, and for help in chat with dropbox! glad you liked it!
wreck on

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That was fun. I noticed a

That was fun. I noticed a typo, if memory serves you misses a 'w' in the word 'squawk': - not sure if that link will work, but you probably know how to find the passage.

a little bug


- after being killed by the troll, clicking "try again" does not work (it's looping back to the death by hammer passage)
- accept or decline the chicken brings the same result, is this intended?

a nice troll anyway!

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Thanks! i fixed that loop.

Thanks! i fixed that loop. recall something about linking to Start being a problem, mebbe that was the issue.
yes, i ran out of chicken options and time. i write slow, and took the 2 hour time limit seriously!

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Reminds me of

Reminds me of Facade.
Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

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Cool illustrations! I'm glad

Cool illustrations! I'm glad I wasn't eaten my first try. 8-)