Hit The Targets Tennis

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This is a game where you can play it with 1 or 2 players! I might make some more levels, but this is it for now as I work on something else. 8-)

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cool game, looks like one of

cool game, looks like one of the older 1996 klikers which were made to at least be decent, lol

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Thanks. I'm trying to think

Thanks. I'm trying to think of a pun for something that's not quite a trainwreck because it's decent but I can't.

RThis is a nice slide

I find it really tuff to control both d00ds but like it's tennis. it's not made to be e-z. Oh man, nets? getisouustsa here I can't fly kite hard like this, but it's well good. It's gotten. I like the whole look to it. The green background and the fades, and the two guys are like best friends. I'm not sure but i kinda like the synthetic tennis, I am just not strong enough for it yet. I need to keep training with yellow jogger to really get it.

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Thanks! This game is a good

Thanks! This game is a good workout for playing ping pong.

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I really, really like this

I really, really like this idea but it's a shame that the KnP movements are limited to 32 directions. It's possible to fake having more directions by using an invisible target object that the ball is set to always look toward - once the ball reaches the target object you can nudge the target forward some more or simply remove it (otherwise the ball will cling to the target object).

Because the built-in Q&A object doesn't have keyboard controls, the player has to switch from using the keyboard to mouse to start the level, and then back to keyboard to play the game, which can be a bit annoying.

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I set the opposing player as

I set the opposing player as the target object. Is there something I could have done differently to trick it?

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No, I mean have an extra,

No, I mean have an extra, invisible object that is set as the target and use "Always: Look at 0, 0 from TargetObject". The key idea here is that you use a separate event with the "Always" condition instead of simply looking at the target once. This way, if the destination doesn't lie exactly within one of the 32 directions, after the ball meanders away from its target its direction will be tweaked to head back toward the target.

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Oh shit! After several more

Oh shit! After several more months of making Klik & Play games I finally understood what you meant by that.