Spring Rites

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An epic miniature! My first trainwreck. My first play with Game Maker. Controls: WASD.

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one question

You are welcome to this community, cryptic stranger.
I remember playing "a delver dreams their own demise" and being as confused as I feel now after playing this.
What a nice way to end a hard working day
sit on your computer push buttons, feeling confused I love it.
is this obliquely adressing the topic of the Arab springs (or other recent uproars?)

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Thanks for the welcome. Glad

Thanks for the welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. As for the confusion ... well sorry 'bout that, my thoughts about confusion are made clear (erm?) at the end of 'a delver ...' Unfortunately, nobody has actually finished it yet as far as I know. And the answer to your question is yes.

second play

Ok I've played Spring Rites over. I'm still very confused.
I think the girl is participating in the protest. Four doors with four characters inside might be :

- protagonists of the uproar
- structures of power to free yourself from
- prospects for her personal future

Line about "becoming a doctor" seems to have to do with the experience of teenage.

I will play " a delver..." again.

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I understood nothing, but I

I understood nothing, but I sure liked the style and the musical cues.