A work in progress: Poor Thing

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Hello everybody.

It has been a long time. As you may easily check, the last thing I submitted was three years ago. Through this time I have not been dead but had to redirect my priorities somewhat. I was busy, making music and minions.

However, already in 2010 I started working on a project, only this time I wanted to create something gigantic. I have been working on it since, in short bursts of creative passion. It is slowly taking shape. Due to the self-imposed scale of the project, it is going take a long time to complete. It is hard to tell if I am even halfway through.

I intend to use all available levels. Did you know there is a level limit of 255 in KNP? I checked.

There is going to be a backstory, a mystery, a mythology, a bestiary. There is going to be creepiness, solitude, heavy, brooding, melancholic atmosphere.

Since the beginning of this year I made a decision to work on the game at least every other day. The optimistic release date is within 1 year. The pessimistic/more realistic version is 2 years from now.

Although I did not have much time lately, I have been popping by from time to time. I love yous dearly. I hope I will finish the damn thing. It is big and complicated and frightens me sometimes.

Take care!

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I love the colour palette

I love the colour palette you've chosen, it fits the atmosphere you're going for well. I'll look forward to seeing this finished, even if it does take 2 years. Good luck!

P.S. Those sure are some blurry babies.

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It's a rare genetic

It's a rare genetic affliction they inherited after me, check out my bio picture for the Pirate Kart 2.

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This is gorgeous and I love

This is gorgeous and I love it.

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255 levels! Ambitious!

255 levels! Ambitious! Here's to hoping that you don't somehow end up hitting some other internal limit before then.

Also hope you're keeping backups of your work, knowing Klik & Play...

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Ahh this is awesome

As somebody who finds it so difficult to stick to a single project for any period of time, this is very impressive!! I've had projects take over a year to finish, but I never was working on them from start to finish, much less every other day. I look forward to seeing the completion of this epic!

Your style here reminds me a bit of Another World :) Another solo masterpiece that took the author several years!

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You draw so nice!!! Those pix are really cool! I can't wait to play your game!!! :D I'll still be here waiting... I've been on the boards for over 3 years now and have yet to upload anything.... life gets in the way :P Keep at it tho!!!!