Cookie Castle

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Here it is! Collect all that garbage that the Waddle Dees are leaving.

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Aw, I failed to clean

Aw, I failed to clean efficiently enough and it made the doors and walls stop working...

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lol huh. How much trash did

lol huh. How much trash did it take for that to happen for you? I maxed out the amount of trash possible and while the doors lagged the walls still worked.

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It took a lot of trash. I

It took a lot of trash. I positioned myself on the top floor and stopped moving, then left the computer for a while.

I've also realised the walls didn't stop working; I could collide with them, but the Waddle Dees walked through them off the screen. But I think that's actually a result of the doors not working.

I don't really suggest fixing this, I actually expected the de facto lose condition of this game to be excessive active objects breaking it.

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I finished this a few days

To fix it, it would have to be broken. 8-)