KnP 1996 newsletter?

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Hi everyone!

Does anyone who used KNP around 1996 remember there being a newsletter of some sort? It may be UK only, but I remember my mate Dan sending his games off to it so that they could get played by others or at least reviewed and promoted in the newsletter. I'm not sure if it was print or on a floppy disk or even on the burgeoning internet somehow...

I can't find anything online. If anyone had any images or anything I would be incredibly interested..!

EDIT: it may have been called the Klik N Play Klub...

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I hadn't heard of this, but

I hadn't heard of this, but I would _love_ to hear / see more if anyone has. Would it have been an official Clickteam thing, do you remember?

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was official.

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You mean the "Klik Magazine"

You mean the "Klik Magazine" by Peter Hoggan? I have a K&P game called "8 Queens" saying that you could get a free first issue if you purchased the game (this game was made with a version of K&P in which he had a developers' licence and could sell K&P games). It said to mail it to a UK address and listed a telephone number.

I hope this was helpful.

As for storing the

As for storing the information, if you just want to keep it in memory, the built-in Global Strings will work fine. If you need to save the information to disk, you have a few options: