Yoshi Cave

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So I need to know some JavaScript for Project Jamberry. Klik of the Month was coming up, and I decided to get some JavaScript practice in. I also recently became intrigued with falling sand games and wanted to make something similarly grid-based with simple rules. This is kind of like those eco sims with the wolves, sheep, and grass, except here it's dragons, Yoshies, and melons.

The really nice thing about JavaScript is that distribution is literally "upload an HTML document."

Requires ES5 and HTML5 canvas.

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There's something peaceful

There's something peaceful about watching these things eat each other.

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I wish I could make this my

I wish I could make this my screen saver or something like that. 8-)

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I have two main reactions.

I have two main reactions.

1. I want to be able to make something like the in Unity. I'm fascinated with game-of-life provedural ecosystems and I really want to eventually understand how to make them, but I only recently started programming so I don't know where to start. The game that is the most similar to what I want to be able to make is called Artificial Life by Brian Stormont http://stormyprods.com/alife/
If you have any tutorials to link me to or general advice, it would be appreciated.

2. I enjoyed the narrative world this created. The way the dragons lie dormant waiting for yoshi-populations to release them from their slumber in quest for food was exciting. I found myself rooting for the entirety of the ecosystem rather than one of the three agents.

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Clyde, you might want to try

Clyde, you might want to try taking a look at Nature of Code: http://natureofcode.com/

It's a series of tutorials about replicating various natural processes. It uses Processing, a very intuitive programming language based on Java. Since you're already familiar with c#, which is pretty similar to Java, you might be able to jump in without too many problems. Definitely worth taking a look at.